Step Rider | Powered Stairclimber

Step Rider Powered Stairclimbing Handtruck Trolley

Model: Step Rider

The Step Rider Powered Stair Climber can out perform any other stairclimbing device on the market today and is a proven system used for over thirty years, in many applications, throughout the world.

The advanced system provides all of the essential stair climbing and installation functions, moving loads up or down stairs and around tight landings is accomplished easily and with minimal effort.


Skipper Model Step Rider
Capacity 800kg or 1500kg
Base Unit Dimensions
Length x Width x Height
368 x 635 x 2032mm
Base Unit Dimensions
Length x Width x Height
38 x 101 x 2133mm
 Continuous Duty 1/2 Horse Power with Worm Gear
Power Supply AC and DC
 2x 12V / 18Amp
Weight 67kg
  • Durable aluminium frame Non-marking urethane treads
  • Available in A/C or A/C-D/C power
  • Adjustable handle Remote control switch
  • Duel chain drive and automatic brake provide additional safety
  • Powdercoated cast aluminium frame
  • Polyurethane and Kevlar tread