SR450 Stair Robot | Stairclimber

SR450 Stair Robot Stairclimbing Handtruck Trolley

Model: SR450

The SR450 Stair Robot is a powerful yet easy to handle item of moving equipment. A battery-powered stair-climbing device styled for the full-time professional or distribution operator. Twin rubber tracks spread the load comfortably over three treads of a stairway as the SR450 moves up or down stairs.

The SR450 is equipped with a folding swivel wheel for short turning in narrow spaces and easy handling to and from a staircase. Items up to 1880mm can be handled by use of the extendable frame structure.

For longer items there is a special version with remote control.

Batteries: 4 batteries are fitted in series to provide a 24 volt output. An integrated LED battery indicator on the control display makes it possible to monitor the batteries.

Drive: Driving power is provided by a minimal noise 24V permanent magnet motor and is transmitted directly to the drive-axle by a built-on worm-gearbox. The PM-motor creates an effective break when the control switch is released or the power supply is interrupted for any reason.

Charging: The SR450 comes with a 220V or 110V / 24 charger (3 amh), charging time with batteries fully discharged 3.5 hours. When the batteries are fully charged the charger will automatically turn into a trickle mode.

For charging the SR450 on a van or truck an optional 4 amp 24V booster/charger is available which makes it possible to charge the SR450 between jobs.


Model SR450
Capacity 350kg
Overall Dimensions
Length x Width x Height
1450 x 460 x 220mm
Speed 4mtrs per minute
Load Length
Standard / Extended
 1220mm / 1880mm
Maximum Angle 45°
Drive Motor Capacity
 0.375kw / 0.5hp
Weight 49kg

Suitable for applications such as:

Domestic white goods, gas and electrical appliances

Office equipment, computers, copiers and storage systems

Industrial appliances, equipment, gas bottles, safes, engines

  Vending and amusements machines

Electrical switch gear and telecommunications equipment

Brewery / Beverage industry products, casks and crates

Building materials

Furniture, Pianos.. etc

  Options & Accessories

SR450 Dolley  Heavy duty dolley for handling long and bulky objects.

Dolley for SR450 Stair Robot Stairclimbing Handtruck Trolley Dolley for SR450 Stair Robot Stairclimbing Handtruck Trolley

Used to transport the (loaded) SR450 to and on the stairs and is used at the landing

Constructed of square steel fittings with four heavy-duty swivel wheels for easy movements

Extendable frame can be pulled out to increase stability while driving the SR450 on to it

Lead-off ramp is used to connect the dolley with the stairway.