SR1750 | 1000kg Stair Robot Stairclimber

SR1750 Stair Robot Stairclimbing Handtruck Trolley

Model: SR1750

The SR1750 is designed to carry unit loads weighing up to 1000 kg up and down stairs.

The accessory equipment, stair approach ramp, turntable and manoeuvring dolley have been designed to assist the movement up to and onto the stairs and the take off from the top and journey to the final destination.

The SR1750 is equipped with a hydraulic levelling platform which makes it possible to transport fragile loads in horizontal position throughout operation. It not only reduces the number of men required for a professional move but also greatly reduces the hazards involved in a traditional stair move.

Drive: Driving power is provided by a minimal noise, single-phase AC motor with thermal cut-out and is transmitted to the drive-axle by a built-on worm-gearbox.

The worm-wheel reduction forms an effective brake if the current is interrupted for any reason.

Control: The robot is controlled by a low voltage (24V) manually operated 4-button switchbox connected to the stair robot with a 2 meter remote-control cable.

Hydraulic Levelling Platform: Operated by a single-phase, low noise AC motor with thermal cut-out. A hydraulic pump is built directly onto the motor. The lowering speed of the platform can be adjusted by the descent-adjuster.


Model SR1750
Capacity 1000kg
Overall Dimensions
Length x Width x Height
1450 x 720 x 320mm
Speed 3mtrs per minute
Dimensions with Loading Ramp
Length x Width
 1220mm / 1880mm
Maximum Angle 45°
Hydraulic Motor Capacity
 0.75kw / 1hp
Weight 175kg

Suitable for applications such as:

Domestic white goods, gas and electrical appliances

Office equipment, computers, copiers and storage systems

Industrial appliances, equipment, gas bottles, safes, engines

  Vending and amusements machines

Electrical switch gear and telecommunications equipment

Brewery / Beverage industry products, casks and crates

Furniture, Pianos.. etc