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Skipper Stairclimbing Handtruck Trolley

Skipper Stairclimbing Handtruck Trolley

Model: Skipper 250, Skipper 350

The Skipper is the latest generation electric stairclimbing trolley, suitable for relatively heavy transport.

Fitted with a Remote Control, this ingenious machine comes with a Securing Strap, Automatic Battery Charger, Standard Sheet Metal Base and an Auto Tipping Back Feature.

Safety:  The weight is always transferred to the ground or the stairs; the operator can work in absolute safety in the most critical conditions.

Convenience:  The interaction between the load and the operator is reduced to the minimum; therefore the operator no longer has to support the transported weight.

Versatility:  By always working on the ridge of the steps, the Skipper manages to overcome even very tall steps in comparison with a step-by-step system; hence it has more possibilities for use.

Overcoming Steep Stairs:  Thanks to the possibility of changing the transported load´s tilt at any time, you can succeed in working in even exceptional conditions.

Motorised Track:  The special branded tracks allow you to travel effortlessly up and down slopes, on dirt tracks and on uncertain flooring.

Reduced Turning Space:  The Skipper turns in the same space as a manual trolley, even on spiral stairs.

As an advanced system the Skipper provides all of the essential stairclimbing and installation functions.  The Skipper can out perform any other stair climbing device on the market today and is a proven system, developed over thirty years, in Italy.


Skipper Model Skipper 250 Skipper 350
Capacity 250kg 350kg
Length x Width x Height
200 x 560 x 1260mm 200 x 560 x 1260mm
Battery 24v Lead-Gel 24v Lead-Gel
Battery life: Ascent
 1000 Steps with 250kg 800 Steps with 350kg
Battery life: Descent 3000 Steps with 250kg 2400 Steps with 350kg
Battery Charger
 Automatic 220/24v Automatic 220/24v
Battery Charge Time Approx. 2 Hours Approx. 2 Hours

Moving loads up or down stairs and around tight landings is accomplished easily, with features such as:

  • Fully controlled tipping function
  • Lift capacity up to 350kg
  • Durable aluminium frame
  • Duel chain drive and automatic brake provide additional safety
  • Operated by remote control
  • Adjustable handle
  • Levelling platform
  • Height adjusting feature to balance load whilst on stairs

  Options & Accessories

Anti-Tip System Attachment for Skipper Stairclimbing Handtruck Trolley

Anti-Tip System

The Anti-Tip System is recommended for bulky, heavy loads.

This base has two special functions: At the beginning of a flight of stairs it tilts the load automatically, so the operator doesn’t have to make the effort; on the last step of stairs the weight is transferred directly to the ground, and the hand truck can be safely and easily operated.

   Dimensions:  620 x 300mm

   Ground Clearance:  125mm

Powered Lifting Frame Attachment for Skipper Stairclimbing Handtruck Trolley

Powered Lifting Frame

The Powered Lifting Frame is particularly recommended for carrying bulky, heavy loads on narrow stairways.

This device helps the operator tilt the load at the beginning of the stairs and land safely on the last step without the load falling over.

Its special feature is that it can lift the load 42 cm, above the first and sometimes the second step of the next flight of stairs, thereby “increasing” the size of the landing. With this base you will be able to turn around on landings where you didn’t think it possible.

   Dimensions:  560 x 400mm

   Ground Clearance:  125mm

Base with Castors Attachment for Skipper Stairclimbing Handtruck Trolley

Base with 6 Heavy Duty Castors

The Base Attachment equipped with 6x Castor Wheels is recommended for carrying medium weight or bulky loads.

It’s the ideal accessory for users who don’t want to spend too much but need a device for any kind of load. It doesn’t have the advantages of an anti-tip system, but loads can be carried safely with just a little more attention.

   Dimensions:  620 x 300mm

   Ground Clearance:  125mm

Aluminium Ramp for Skipper Stairclimbing Handtruck Trolley

Aluminium Ramp

For loading and unloading from vans.

This Aluminium Ramp comes in handy when you need to load or unload goods of any kind directly from a van. Skipper units can get on or off vans without using the ramp, simply by resting the caterpillar tracks on the body of the van, as if it was just a taller step. However certain kinds of loads make a ramp necessary.

   Dimensions:  2000 x 650mm

   Ground Clearance:  75mm

Base with Wheels Attachment for Skipper Stairclimbing Handtruck Trolley

Base with Wheels

A Base with Wheels is the best solution for moving over any ground without problems.

The castor wheels make the hand truck easy to steer over any ground, and the two pneumatic tyres take the weight off the operator’s arms.

This accessory is particularly useful when you find no parking space near the point of delivery and have to go over curbs, humps, soil or gravel.

   Dimensions:  785 x 785mm

Extra battery pack for Skipper Stairclimbing Handtruck Trolley

Extra Battery Pack

An Extra Battery Pack  is especially useful for people who spend long days on the road and need unlimited battery life.

With two battery packs, work can go on without interruption because when one pack is being used, the other is being charged, so you never have to waste time waiting.

In-car Charger for Skipper Stairclimbing Handtruck Trolley

In-Car Charger

The Vehicular Charger allows you to charge the batteries as you travel, saving time.