PS Standard | Personal Stairclimber

PS Standard Personal Stairclimber

Model: PS Standard

The PS Standard is ideal for personal use around the home.

It provides people with walking difficulties a new level of mobility. You can now move freely inside and outside the home, up and down steps and stairs. With the help of the PS Standard you will experience your immediate surrounds in a new and exciting way.

The operator always has a relaxed posture and straight back while using the PS Standard Personal Stairclimbers. There is no strain on the back or arms because the stairclimber is balanced during operation.

The operator has one hand on the crossbar and one hand on the  UPDOWN switch. The handle, battery and lifting unit are all detached using a single lever. You can dismantle your PS Standard quickly and stow it away in the boot of your car to accompany you wherever you go.

Now you can get around town and visit friends and relatives after all.. or just enjoy the improved lifestyle your PS Standard affords you in the privacy of your own home.

  PS Standard 130:  Passenger weights of up to 130kg

  PS Standard 160:  Passenger weights of up to 160kg, and the most adept model for negotiating very steep and winding stairs


Capacity Overall Dimensions Toeplate Weight
130kg or 160kg 485 x 560 x 1615mm 183 x 530mm 34kg
  • Rigid frame construction of patented aluminium extrusion with 3 box sections for additional strength
  • Main wheels have aluminium rims equipped with specially designed, puncture proof tyres
  • Fixed aluminium toeplate: 183mm L x 530mm W
  • Soft coated long wings for safe carriage of broad loads
  • Optimised climbing mechanism for balanced lifting of loads
  • Reduced machine weight at 34kg (with battery pack 38kg)
  • Two speed operation
  • Two drive modes (single step and continuous mode)
  • Advanced breaking system
  • Up/down button on left and right side of handle
  • Intelligent electronics for safe operation in transport situations
  • Advanced braking system situated inside rims of main wheels [Brakes can be switched off during manoeuvring on flat areas]
  • Puncture proof tyres with excellent running characteristics also on uneven and rough floors