PS Plus | Personal Stairclimber with Wheelchair

PS Plus Personal Stairclimber

Model: PS Plus

The PS Plus is supplied with its own Wheelchair.

You are ‘ready to roll’ with this lightweight, self-propelled wheelchair, that’s already fitted with adapters necessary for engagement with the battery powered PS Plus.

It’s this easy:

Step 1.  Roll your PS Plus under the wheelchair and engage with locking plates

Step 2.  Raise the wheelchair by lifting the PS Plus

Step 3.  Remove the wheels from the wheelchair

Step 4.  Push the wheels onto the provided wheel holders – and away you go!

Now you can negotiate narrow and winding stairs with ease.

Then, simply re-attach the wheels to your wheelchair to move freely within your environment. There is no need to detach the stairclimber. Simply raise the lifting unit so the wheelchair can be used normally with the PS Plus still attached.


Capacity Overall Dimensions (excluding chair) Weight
130kg or 160kg 675 L x 505 W x 1130mm H 14kg Unit – 18kg Wheelchair

  PS Plus 130:  Passenger weights of up to 130kg

  PS Plus 160:  Passenger weights of up to 160kg

  Technical Data

Climbing Speed –
Three speeds can be selected on the control cluster:

I = 10 steps per minute.
II = 14 steps per minute.
III = 18 steps per minute.

Maximum Step Height: 
205 to 230 mm (the maximum is achieved by tilting the stairclimber at a steeper angle).

Battery Pack Voltage and Capacity:
24 VDC 5.2 Ah

Protection Against Overlanding:
Mechanical Overload Protection (sliding hub).
Electronic Overload Protection.

Inside Frame Width of Wheelchair:
Minimum 320mm (PS Adapt and PS Universal).

Range per Recharge:
Depending on weight of passengers and direction of travel (travelling up or down). However, between 300 and 500 steps can be specified as a rough guide. If the stairclimber is in constant use, (e.g. professional mobility services) a replacement battery pack can be fitted at any time.

A mobile charger is also available to rapidly charge the battery pack during the car journey.

Main Wheels:
Non-marking grey tyres for extremely smooth operation. PS-Outdoor wheels have a diameter of 260mm. All other models have a diameter of 200mm (outer track width 297mm).

Support Wheels:
Diameter 80mm. Feature non-marking grey tyres and are permanently braked.