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Loadbreaker Tilt Trolleys: Don't break your back, give your back a break!

Multitrolley: Do it smart and simple!


Lightweight Folding Trolleys

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 #lego #LoadBreaker :)  #multitrolley back in stock! Turns a multiple person job into a single person job :) smart and simple.  Final tests and checks being made on a CTFSC Forklift Safety Cage, prior to being dispatched to the client. Not tested on animals, only on #trolleyman Craig - Happy Birthday for Saturday, Craigo!
 #LoadBreaker :D #lego custom trolley! Haha  Introducing the newest #LoadBreaker Tilt Trolley model... The mighty #B-Double ! Designed to push around lots of those annoying drink cartons - based on our CTCC model with the added bonus of 300kg capacity and tilting action - plus it's orange :)  #trolleyman Craig... Ummm he wheely loves his job :)
 Another groovy Customised #LoadBreaker Tilt Trolley - RED with custom shoe designed for 90kg gas bottles  #trolleyman Craig "They make trolley blankets now?!"  The Uangon - circular #mma fight cage, in all it's glory! complete with catwalk (on the catwalk, on the catwalk yeah) and spotlights :)
 Custom hospital oxygen bottle trolleys with spray on rubber surface on lower deck  Steve loves his new Offsider! - if only it could answer the phones. Fun day in the office, road testing the new #loadbreaker tilting mechanism, improved foot lever with custom laser cut logo... Pretty cool huh!  One of the most bizarre custom made projects we have ever taken on... A circular #MMA fight cage for #Rizemma in 2010
 This is #multitrolley - You WILL be moved! The perfect tool for home and office removals. Lightweight aluminium frame :)  #pink trolleys - we are always happy to oblige most colour requests, we've even done chrome trolleys and ripple finishes!  #customtrolleys - Check out this custom massive flat deck / platform trolley! Our supermodel today is #trolleyman Craig! :D

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Our Trolleys are manufactured by us at our Browns Plains Qld Australia location,
using materials and services sourced locally…

AAA Custom Trolleys - 56 Eastern Road, Browns Plains Queensland Australia 4118

56 Eastern Road, Browns Plains Queensland Australia 4118

  We can repair, modify or completely custom build upon request.
  Onsite sales, service and repairs.
  Innovative & unique designs, designed to prolong trolley life and reduce effort.
  Hand-fabricated & welded, no robotic welders or process-line assembly.
  Up to 5 year frame construction warranty*.
  We fit quality wheels & castors.
  All tubular trolley components at least 1.6mm thick.
  A complete weld at every join.
  20mm solid 1020 grade bright bar axles.
  3mm thick toeplates with 8mm reinforcing straps.
  8mm thick laser cut shoes.
  Australian made heavy-duty non-marking hose, on selected trolleys.